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150L Pressure type solar water heater

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150L Pressure type solar water heater

This system has high pressure storage tank(Testing pressure=9 bar), using SUS304-2B, 1.2mm-2.0mm and less heat loss as compared to the non pressure model, Heat Preservation: 72-90hours
It’s using highly efficient heat pipe technology, Anti-freezing in cold winter, whole system can work well in -35.
Also no water introduced into vacuum tube and no water out if tube broken
150L Pressure type solar water heater Max. Pressure bearing: 1.2MPa.
It can be used all year round in the cold climate and Hail resistance: 25mm / 35mm

Another Features :

Inner tank: 1.2mm SUS-304 grade Stainless Steel.

Outer Tank: 0.4mm SUS-201 grade Stainless steel.

Thermal Insulation: 50mm Poly-Urethane Foam.

Bracket: Stainless Steel-201 1.2mm thickness

Vacuum Tubes:  15 vacuum tubes made of Borosilicate Glass with internal copper heat pipe. Tube Dimensions: 58mm diameter x 1800 mm length.

Assist Tank: 5 Liter Assist tank included

Warranty: 10 Year Warranty for tank and vacuum tubes, 1 Year Warranty for backup electrical heater element and plumbing accessories


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