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300L Pressure type solar water heater

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300L Pressure type solar water heater

300L Pressure type solar water heater capable with instant heat exchange;plentiful warm water for use. Output water temperature is stable, so it is very comfortable and soft for use. Hot and cold water flow is separated and copper coil is tested and does not break .Works intelligently and reliable for the user.

Another features :


Inner tank: 1.2mm SUS-304 grade Stainless Steel.

Outer Tank: 0.4mm SUS-201 grade Stainless steel.

Thermal Insulation: 50mm Poly-Urethane Foam.

Bracket: Stainless Steel-201 1.2mm thickness

Vacuum Tubes:  30 vacuum tubes made of Borosilicate Glass with internal copper heat pipe. Tube Dimensions: 58mm diameter x 1800 mm length.

Assist Tank: 5 Liter Assist tank included

Warranty: 10 Year Warranty for tank and vacuum tubes, 1 Year Warranty for backup electrical heater element and plumbing accessories


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